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A Young company launched by Mr. Gaurav Khandhar guided by Mrs. Sunaina Sain is focused towards growth. It has a vision of becoming an icon of luxurious spa resorts in India. It is gradually becoming a benchmark for quality and supreme service. Its objective is to offer an international hospitality services.

Values & Vision

Vision is the art of seeing things invisible. We see our clients invisible desires and craft our services based on these desires.

We are committed towards providing quality hospitality services. Our vision at Elysium Resorts is to continue exceeding our customers’ expectations by understanding their requirements minutely.


Alibag was developed in 17th Century by Sarkhel Kanhoji Aangre the naval chief of King Shivaji's Kingdom.Alibag is costal town and municipal council in Raigad district in Kokan region of Maharashtra, India. It is the headquarter of the Raigad district. Raigad's first name was "Kulaba". Today's Ramnath was the main village at that time. Bene Israeli Ali who was a rich man City based on Ali's gardens was named as "Alibag". Ali have lot of Mango Trees, Coconut Trees in the gardens so local people called the place alichi bag(Gardens)and formally and officially, Alibag.
Rewdanda, Chaul, Nagon, Aakshi, Varsoli,Thal, Kihim and Aawas villages were known as "Ashtagare" at that time. During those times there were some Navy Battles out of which one was fought at Varsoli between Kanhoji Aangre and Siddhi of Janjira in the year 1706. In 1722 English and Portuguese jointly attacked on Kulaba fort and they lost this war. At chaul there was a battle between the English and Sakhoji in 1730. Sakhoji won this war and brought down the losing party along with their captain at Kulaba. Kanhoji even issued his own currency in the form of a silver coin called the Alibagi rupaiya. Alibag is declared as the Taluka place in 1852.


  1. How to reach us
One can reach Alibag via Pen (30 km away), which is on the Mumbai (78 km away) - Goa road. From Mumbai, one can reach Alibag by traveling on the Mumbai-Goa highway (NH-17)till Wadkhal (or Vadkhal) and taking the right fork from Wadkal - the left fork being the road to Goa. The distance is approximately 108 km from Mumbai
  1. Railways:
The nearest rail railway station are Pen, India. Through Pen, India, it is connected to Khopoli.
  1. Catamaran/Ferry:
The nearest jetty is Mandwa From where catamaran/ferry services are available to Gateway of India, Mumbai.


  1. Deluxe Rooms: The rooms feature closets and well- premeditated bathrooms.
  2. Deluxe Suites: The 11 Deluxe suites are designed with traditional furniture and fixtures and well- premeditated bathrooms.


Therapies Duration Price
AromaTherapy Massage Relaxing) 1hour Rs. 2200/-
Head-Neck-Shoulder Massage 30 min Rs. 1800/-
Foot Reflexology 30 min Rs. 1800/-
Ayurvedic Massage 1 hour Rs. 2200/-
Olive Oil Massage 1 hour Rs. 2200/-
Almond Oil Massage 1 hour Rs. 2200/-

Facilities & Activities

  1. Internal Facilities
    - Pool Table
    - Table Tennis Room<
  2. External Facilities
    - Ground for cricket and football
    - Badminton
  3. Site Seeing

    a) Beaches: The following are the main beaches in and around Alibag:

    1. Alibag beach: This is the main beach of the town.
    2. THAL beach: Isolated Beach 5 km from Alibag.
    3. Varsoli Beach: Located about a mile from the main beach, home to a very large naval base.
    4. Akshi Beach: It is situated 8 km away from Alibag.
    5. Nagaon beach: It is situated about 10 km away from Alibag and is famous for coconuts and betel nuts.
    6. Kihim-Navgaon Beach: Kihim is a secluded place at a distance of 12 km from Alibag. The Kihim beach is famous for dense cover of Coconut trees. It is also famous[citation needed] for woods which are home to rare butterflies, birds and flowers.
    7. Awas: It is situated about 16 km away from Alibag.
    8. Saswane: It is situated about 18 km away from Alibag.
    9. Rewas: It is situated about 24 km away from Alibag.
    10. Chaul Revdanda: It is situated about 17 km away from Alibag.
    11. kaneshwar Mandir: It is situated about 17 km away from Alibag to karlekhind-chondi road.
    12. Mandawa: It is situated about 20 km north of Alibag. The catamaran/ferry services are available from Mumbai to the Mandawa jetty. Many Bollywood celebrities own bungalows here.
    13. Kashid Beach: It is 36 km away from Alibag, on the Alibag-Murud highway, also this beach is possibly one of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches in the region with almost 'white' sand.[citation needed]

    Korlai Beach: A quiet serene beach with alternate white and black sands, along a serene stretch of the Arabian coastine, adjacent to a village of Korlai Creole Portuguese speaking Indians.

    b) Other attractions

    1. Kolaba (or Kulaba) fort (Not to be confused with Colaba in Mumbai): Is situated in the sea at a distance of 1–2 km from the Alibag shores. During low tide one can walk to the fort. This was built by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and is assumed to be the last one that he built before his death. The fort used to have a sweet water well.
    2. Kanakeshwar temple: Is situated on a hill near Mapgaon village, about 12 km away from Alibag and falls on the way to Mandawa.

    Kankneshwar Temple

    1. Tower of St. Barbara.
    2. Chaul: Is a historic town situated about 15 km away from Alibag. It is famous for its Portuguese ruins, an old church, a synagogue, Buddhist caves, the Hamam Khana and a temple.
    3. Vikram Vinayak Temple or Birla Temple, Salav: Is situated about 20 km away from Alibag. On the way to Janjira, Take the right fork to reach the Vikram Ispat industry. Going a bit ahead will lead you to the temple.
    4. Sagargarh
    5. Kanhoji Angre Samadhi
    6. Uma-Maheshwar temple
    7. Balaji temple
    8. Murud-Janjira: Janjira is the legendary fort situated not very far from Alibag.
    9. Datta Mandir: situated at bhowale,2 km away from chaul.
    10. Hingulja Mandir: Situated near datta mandir,historic temple built by pandwas.
    11. Magnetic Observatory: Established in 1904 by the Indian Institute of Geomagnetism.

    Korlai Fort & Korlai Creole Portuguese of Korlai village: Situated between Chaul and Kashid, a unique village of Indians born of Indo-Portuguese ancestors, speaking a unique creole of Portuguese and a fort lost in the sands of history.

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